Ford wins another award – but you’ll never guess why!

Broken down ford


The Ford Motor Company has been on a bit of a tear as of late, topping truck & SUV sales charts, and winning a plethora of automotive industry awards. This week they added another trophy to their collection, for their leadership on climate change – but not for the reasons you may first suspect.

The new-for-2018 honor was presented at the annual Automotive Critics’ Association of America (ACAA) awards gala on Tuesday, with Ford being recognized for leading “climate-related reliability”. What is climate-related reliability?

“This is something we’ve never measured before”, said ACAA chairman Bob Lutz. “We already measure fuel economy and tailpipe emissions, but we’ve never actually considered the greenhouse gas reductions that take place when a vehicle has broken down.” It makes sense, we suppose: If a vehicle isn’t driving, it’s not polluting.

Lutz continued, “People might view the fact Fords break down as much as they do to be a negative thing, but they’re overlooking the benefits to our atmosphere. Plus, frequent breakdowns – as many Ford owners have come to expect – encourage new, climate-friendly habits like walking or taking public transit; even after the motorist has switched to a more reliable car brand.”

Ford Motor Company president Jim-Bob Duggar was on hand to accept the somewhat dubious award, but shrugged off any notions of negativity, saying, “The reliability issues aren’t exactly new, and any publicity is good publicity.”



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