Brent’s February Blessing!

Written by Chris Dekker, former co-owner at Tools in Motion.


At the start of this month, we ran a contest on our Facebook page where we asked people to nominate someone deserving of a $250 Tools in Motion gift certificate. We picked a winner, and had their vehicle in this week. As it turns out, we ended up doing a lot more for our winner than anyone involved first expected!

The winner we picked was a local woman named Chris; a single mother who hasn’t had an easy life over the past year. Among other things, she has been fighting breast cancer for many months. Her 2002 Oldsmobile is her and her young son’s only means of transportation. The car had a coolant leak, so she brought it in with the hopes that the $250 gift certificate would be enough to pay for a repair. We performed a no-charge full inspection to start, and soon discovered that the coolant leak was the least of her worries.


Calgary Automotive Repair

Chris’ car in the shop for inspection!


The old Oldsmobile needed a lot of love, and we struggled with what to do, realizing that the $250 would barely put a dent in the repairs that this car needed. We couldn’t even pick a “most serious” issue to address first; there were too many safety-related issues. Tim and Brent made a decision: Let’s do a more than $250 in repairs for Chris… like a lot more.

Brent reached out to some of our suppliers to see if they were interested in helping. Boy, did they ever, donating hundreds of dollars in parts to the cause:

  • Auto Value Auto Parts in Airdrie gave us – at no charge – two new front wheel bearings; a front outer tie rod end; rear brake pads; and rear brake rotors.
  • Napa Auto Parts in Airdrie kicked in a new power steering pump.
  • Tire Wholesalers in Calgary gave us a set of tires at their cost.


Airdrie Tire Install

Thanks to Airdrie Auto Value and Tire Wholesalers! Auto Value came in huge for us, donating hundreds of dollars in parts for Chris’ car.


Airdrie Steering Repairs

Replacing the power steering pump – thank you Airdrie Napa!


Richard and Klayton mounting the new tires.

Richard and Klayton mounting and balancing the new tires.


Airdrie Auto Repair

The boys hard at work!


Airdrie Auto Diagnostics

Eric working under the hood.


We paid for the rest of the required parts, fluids and supplies to complete Chris’ repairs, and also kicked in all of the labour. Tim, Klayton, Eric and Richard set to getting the Oldsmobile all fixed up before our tight end-of-day deadline. After an afternoon of the boys doing what they do best, we had completed over two thousand dollars of repairs on Chris’ Oldsmobile, just in time for closing – at no charge to Chris whatsoever!


Airdrie Auto Service

Our very deserving winner!


Thanks again to our suppliers who helped with this one big time, and to Brent, who did most of the legwork when it came to securing these awesome parts deals, and getting all of the materials together in time.

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