The best deal we’ve ever offered!

Any customer who uses us will get a great quality repair for a very competitive price. But yesterday, Brenna G. of Calgary got the best deal we’ve ever offered – hundreds of dollars in much-needed repairs, for free!

Brenna was the winner of our September Facebook contest. We asked parents to nominate themselves, or another parent they knew whose “family taxi” needed some love during this busy, and very expensive back-to-school season. We promised one entrant some free repair work – and we delivered.


Airdrie car repair

Here’s Brenna’s Ford Explorer, just into the shop.


Since we had never serviced this vehicle before, and it was due for an oil change, we decided to start with our service/tire rotation/full inspection packages.


airdrie oil changes

Here is Klayton doing the honors on the oil change.

airdrie mechanics

Even though we did this oil change for free, we didn’t cheap out! The Explorer got a premium filter (as always) and 5 litres of Mobil 1 synthetic oil.

airdrie car inspections

Here is the inspection form that we’ve made up. We fill this out with every oil change.


The customer had noticed a clunking noise underneath, and we found a pretty serious issue: the upper control arm bolts on the driver’s side were coming loose! We tighted these up.


airdrie wheel alignments

Here is one of the upper control arm bolts that had come loose.


Based on the results of our inspection, the most urgent repair on the Explorer was to fix a bad coolant leak from the radiator. We decided to install a new radiator, and flush the cooling system.


airdrie radiator repairs

Here is the new radiator going in. This is about a two hour repair on a V8-powered Explorer.


One thing we’re proud of is that we only use OEM-approved, correct fluids in ever repair. This repair was no exception. We even mix our coolant with distilled water, which helps reduce corrosion in the cooling system compared to tap water. It’s one of those little things that every mechanic knows you should do, but very few shops actually do it.


affordable car repair

That’s a heck of a deal!


We hope Brenna enjoys her newly-repaired vehicle, which should be a little safer and more reliable when shuttling the kids back and forth to school now!

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