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Labour Rate Increase

Friday, April 21st, 2017

From Tim and Chris:

After more than three years at our current shop labour rate, we are are finally making an increase. Prices in the area have increased to the point where we are now charging $15-$25/hour less than most other independent repair shops in Airdrie, and $35/hour less than local dealerships. When you consider that these other businesses are also billing another $10-$15/hour in “shop supplies” charges on top of their labour rate – and we don’t – the price disparity is actually between $25 and $55/hour.

In many cases, we are charging a lot less for a shop that is better equipped; technicians who are better trained; and a better quality repair (with a much better warranty) than these competitors.

Obviously that’s not right. But this isn’t the only reason for the rate increase. We (the owners) won’t see a pay increase a result of the higher labour rate. The higher labour rate is necessary to keep up with increasing costs, which have actually risen a lot in the last couple years despite the bad economy. For these reasons, our general labour rate will be increasing by $15 to $125 per hour this month.

So what is not changing? Our overall value offered will still be exceptional, because:

  • Our diagnostics & programming rate will remain at $150/hour, where it was before.
  • Our diagnostics are still guaranteed. If we tell you that you need something, and it doesn’t fix the problem, you don’t pay. Ever.
  • Our general labour rate is still pretty darn competitive, since our effective labour rate (including fees) will still be $10-$30 lower than most competitors.
  • Our honesty – arguably the largest factor when it comes to determining value – isn’t going anywhere. Our customers never pay for repairs they don’t need, or unnecessary labour overlap between related repairs.
  • Our parts pricing will not change.
  • Our service after the sale isn’t changing. If you ever have a problem, we want to hear about it! And you might be impressed by how concerned we are with taking care of you.
  • Our industry-leading 3 year/60,000 km parts & labour warranty on all repairs, with 2 years of North America-wide coverage and roadside assistance, remains in effect. This is significant. As an example, let’s say a friend of yours has a water pump replaced at another business, and it starts leaking 13 months later. They’re likely out of warranty, and out of luck. This is a bad situation, and it happens! If we’d installed that pump, your friend would have been taken care of, and would have another two years of warranty coverage left.

Any questions or concerns? Please email us at :)