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Why we will not longer be servicing BMW vehicles.

Friday, March 31st, 2017


You’ve heard it before: BMW drivers are assholes. While we take a lot of pride in our business’ positive image, and we certainly do not condone this kind of language, for a while we’ve had a sneaking suspicion that there might be some truth to this popular phrase.

At first, we thought it was all in our heads. But sitting down this week and reviewing over a month of dashcam footage from our service truck, we discovered that our suspicions were correct. The bad parking jobs; failure to use turn signals; changing lanes at the last second – BMW drivers are committing a disproportionately high amount of these motoring no-nos. It’s just not our experience, either. Recently, study after scientific study seem to confirm that there is truly a link between driving a BMW and exhibiting this behaviour.

Even our customers have noticed there’s something going on. We have had far too many complaints about BMW vehicles double-parking in our already limited amount of parking space.

In light of everything mentioned above, Tools in Motion has made the decision to stop servicing BMW vehicles. This wasn’t easy, because we recognize that these really are fantastic cars, and not all BMW drivers are to blame. This is certainly a case of a few bad apples ruining things for the whole group. Trust us that this was a very difficult decision, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

(Happy April Fool’s Day from Tools in Motion!)

Employee Profile: Tanner Hamilton

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

airdrie mechanics


Tanner is our newest employee, and has proven to be a valuable addition to our team. Though he’s a second year apprentice, he’s been servicing vehicles and building performance cars for most of his life; he has more real-world experience than many licensed technicians. He built his first engine at 14 years old, and pushing his performance engines to their limits remains a big part of his life.

When he’s not at the race track, Tanner spends 40 or 50 hours a week with us doing less exciting repairs. His quality of work is very good, and he really cares about getting the little details right. Tanner also displays an exceptional ability to see things “from the customer’s perspective”, and really cares about the people who use our services every day. Obviously, this is a quality that we really appreciate.

Tanner came to us because he felt he was no longer being challenged at his previous workplace. Like many shops, this business would “sub out” or turn away complex repairs and seek out the easier work, while we’re quite the opposite and actually have a reputation for figuring out the “tough ones”. Tanner wants to keep growing and learning as a technician, and we’re happy to keep throwing challenges his way.

Here are Tanner’s stats:

Position: Automotive Service Technician Apprentice

Shop nickname: Tanner is the new guy, so he gets pestered lots. In the course of a day, the poor guy goes by everything from “Hey Jack*ss” to “Hey you over there”.

Years in the trade: 14

Previous employment: Certigard, Self-employed

Currently lives in: Airdrie

Born in: Edmonton. He says they were “just passing through”, and he’s no Edmontonian!

Specialty/favourite automotive work: Engine removal/replacement/repair.

Least favourite automotive work: Oil changes.

What attracted him to Tools in Motion: The challenges discussed above, and the broader range of experience it provides. Tanner appreciates that our shop is willing to take on tough jobs; often fixing things instead of replacing them. He also appreciates that we really care about our customers, and don’t view them as (in his words) “dollar signs walking in the front door”.

airdrie auto repair


Favourite part of working at Tools in Motion: The positive atmosphere in the shop.

Least favourite part of working at Tools in Motion: Tanner is playing it safe and not telling us for now. Once we figure it out, we’ll let you know!

Favourite car brand: He says Chevy. We say it’s actually anything he can cram a turbocharged LS V8 into.

Hobbies: Building performance vehicles and drag racing.

Cats or dogs? Dogs.