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Bragging about our customers!

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

It’s Christmas party season this time of year, which in our world means meeting with lots of technicians, service advisers, and fellow shop owners.

Inevitably, the conversation often turns to work. Naturally, most of the shop owners and managers out there are proud of their business, and they should be. Chances are that they’ve put in many years of hard work and long hours building the business, sacrificing time with their families while their employees made a lot more money than they did themselves.

What struck me as funny, though, is just what some of these people are the most proud of. We talk about our facility itself, our hoists and equipment; maybe that fancy scan tool we just bought, or that new $48,000 alignment machine.  Lots of guys are most proud of putting together a great staff that works well together and is highly productive – which is definitely something to be proud of.

But for me, it’s a little different. I get some strange looks when I start bragging about what I’m the most proud of: our customers. Specifically, the relationship we’ve built with many of our customers. Some owners and managers have been in the business so long that they’ve lost sight of where our paychecks really come from: the customers that choose to use our services over the competition! Some seem to think that if you build a beautiful shop and fill it with top of the line equipment, you’re automatically guaranteed to make money.

80% of the customers who visit us every day have been using us for years, and (we hope) will continue to use us for years to come. They know we’re on their side. They know we recognize that if we take proper care of them, all of the other aspects of running a business pretty much fall into place. Sometimes, things don’t always go according to plan – “shit happens” definitely applies in our trade – but they trust in our honesty and commitment to make things right every time, and that we will always stand behind our work. We have many customers; even large companies, that we don’t call for approval of a price before starting a repair; they trust us to look after their best interests, and know we won’t abuse that trust.

Words do not describe how proud I am of owning a business like this.

So this Christmas, a big THANK YOU from Chris, Tim, Eric, Kent and Klayton here at Tools in Motion to our awesome customers. Thank you for letting us come in every day and make a living doing what we love to do!