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Employee Profile: Eric Licuanan

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017


Airdrie automotive


Eric is our longest serving employee, and part of the “original three” from when Tools in Motion was formed back in 2013. (He was formerly an employee of Chris’ previous company.) Chris and Eric worked together at a shop in Calgary many years ago, with Chris mentoring the newer technician. Chris was impressed with Eric’s work ethic and skill level, and told Eric, “One day, when I own my own business, you’re coming to work for me.” Chris soon left that shop to start that business, which eventually grew to the point where he needed some extra help. As promised, he tracked down Eric and offered him a job.

Things didn’t go as Chris had planned, though: Eric’s family was a bit concerned with the idea of leaving a stable job at an established business to work for a one year old, very small company. Eric agreed to come on part time at first, but was soon convinced that this was the “real deal” and business wasn’t slowing down any time soon.

We’re super glad he made that decision, because Eric is a fantastic employee and has performed hundreds of high quality repairs with us during the last few years. His worth ethic is unmatched and while he doesn’t take to diagnostics and electrical work as much as some of us, he’s a mechanical “natural” with a great feel for parts placement, fastener torque, and some of the other intricacies of our craft. You don’t hear much from Eric during the day because’s he’s all business until the repair is done, with his head down, working hard.

We count ourselves very lucky to have caring guys like Eric on our team. Here are Eric’s vital statistics:

Position: Automotive Service Technician Apprentice

Shop nickname: None! (Eric is actually the only guy in the shop without a stupid nickname. He wants us to call him “Easy E” but nobody’s biting!)

Years in the trade: 7

Previous employment: Certigard, Canadian Tire

Currently lives in: Calgary

Born in: Manila, Philippines

Specialty/favourite automotive work: Steering & alignment adjustment and repair.

Least favourite automotive work: Diesel engine repair.

What attracted him to Tools in Motion: Chris’ persistent pestering! (See story above.)

Airdrie auto mechanics

Favourite part of working at Tools in Motion: Learning from mentors Chris and Tim.

Least favourite part of working at Tools in Motion: Catching flak from his wife for eating all the donuts, chocolates, and other unhealthy treats that customers are always bringing us.

Favourite car brand: Honda

Favourite colour: Blue

Hobbies: Working out and playing basketball. (Editor’s note: Eric is a strong dude! You should see it.)

Cats or dogs? Cats.

Employee Profile: Don Hunter

Saturday, December 17th, 2016

Airdrie Auto Repair


Hiring an older/experienced technician can go one of two ways. Some techs that have been in the trade for decades are getting tired of it; their skills have fallen behind, and they are just looking to get another 5-10 years out of the tools and knowledge they already have. On the other hand, some older techs are still passionate and still love their job. They’ve kept themselves current, and when you combine a strong technical understanding with that many years of experience, you end up with the ultimate person to tackle any automotive problem. That’s what we got in Don Hunter.

Don is a very skilled technician, and a very caring one too. He knows many of our customers’ names, and remembers more about their vehicles than we do sometimes! Kind, quiet and soft-spoken, Don is instantly likeable as you immediately sense that he’s just a “good guy”. He’s also a very hard worker, and it’s not unusual to see Don still at the shop one or two hours after closing time.

Here are Don’s vital statistics!

Position: Journeyman Automotive Service Technician

Shop nickname: “Mr. Nice Guy”

Years in the trade: 35

Previous employment: Woodman’s Garage (Glovertown, Newfoundland), Crossroads Pontiac (Gander, Newfoundland)

Curently lives in: Calgary

Born in: Gander, Newfoundland

Specialty/favourite automotive work: Don is super versatile and it’s tough to pick a specialty, but his favourite work is steering & suspension diagnosis and repair.

Least favourite automotive work: Heater/evaporator core replacements (that involve 6+ hours of instrument panel disassembly).

What attracted him to Tools in Motion: Don came to us from Glovertown, Newfoundland. Considering moving to the Calgary area, he asked some friends who already lived here where he should apply for a job. One of them recommended Tools in Motion, and after learning more about him, we were happy to make him part of the team!

Airdrie mechanics

Favourite part of working at Tools in Motion: The people he works with every day, and the wide variety of repairs that come through our shop.

Least favourite part of working at Tools in Motion: “Having to get out of bed in the morning!”

Favourite car brand: Chevrolet

Favourite colour: Red

Hobbies: Reading, and playing hockey.

Cats or dogs? Dogs!

Employee Profile: Richard Kloiber

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

calgary auto mechanics

We’ve got quite a crew working in the shop these days. We’ve grown from the original three team members (Chris, Tim and Eric) back in 2013, to 8 great people today. Since you might know some of guys better than others, we’d like to properly introduce you to everyone! We’ll profile one member of the team each week over the next couple months.


For no reason in particular, we are starting with Richard Kloiber.

Richard came to us in 2014 and has become a very valuable part of our team. He works in what we’ve started calling the “spoiled brat bay”; right beside the bathroom, tools and supplies room, fluids rack and technician clean-up area. Intelligent, cheerful and never without an opinion, Richard is always part of some great shop discussions with topics ranging from politics to the TV shows – and everything in between. Richard is also very passionate about our trade; which contributes to both his high level of skill, and his superb quality of work. He’s a bit loud, too, and it always feels like something is missing when Richard is not in the shop.

Here are Richard’s vital statistics!

Position: Journeyman Automotive Service Technician

Shop nickname: “Princess”

Years in the trade: 13

Previous employment: Fountain Tire, Brasso Nissan

Currently lives in: Calgary

Born in: Calgary (one of the rare few “original Calgarians!”)

Specialty/favourite automotive work: Electrical trouble-shooting and diagnostics of complicated problems. Today’s best technicians do more work with their brains than their hands, and Richard is a great example of this.

Least favourite automotive work: Removal and installation of major driveline components like transmissions.

calgary auto technicians

What attracted him to Tools in Motion: A combination of no longer being challenged at his previous employer, plus the desire to work for an independent shop interested in staying on the leading edge with regards to technology. Richard said certain little things, like how the shop only uses OEM fluids and premium filters, were also important to him.

Favourite part of working at Tools in Motion: A steady supply of complex problems to diagnose and repair. Our reputation for “being able to figure out the tricky ones” has allowed us to provide Richard with more diagnostics work than he would expect to see in most shops.

Least favourite part of working at Tools in Motion: The long commute from south Calgary every day!

Favourite automotive brand: BMW

Favourite colour: Blue

Hobbies: Long distance precision shooting, and home renovation/woodworking.

(We need to ask!) Cats or dogs: Dogs!

We consider ourselves very lucky to have Richard as part of the team, and we’re proud to be running the type of business that can attract top level technicians like him. Stay tuned for another profile next week!